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Diligent recruitment is the systematic process through which child welfare agencies recruit, retain, and support foster and adoptive families that reflect the ethnic diversity of children awaiting placements.

Child Welfare Information Gateway US DEPT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES -HHS

The StartFosterCare system finds a pool of motivated prospective foster parents locally. These prospective parents reflect the ethnic diversity of your foster kids. You match parents to kids so that the kids have the least cultural disruption.

COVID and its challenges motivated us to launch StartFosterCare in May 2021. Just as US State Governments and Foster Care Agencies have moved many processes like training online , StartFosterCare system has digitally transformed the diligent foster parent recruiting process.

Finding one hour a month to talk to motivated prospective foster parents is the beauty of the StartFosterCare system.

Digital Transformation: Prospective foster parents on screen. Foster Care Professional is conducting the meeting.

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