About Start Foster Care

We believe that the process of connecting prospective foster parents to foster care professionals (recruiters) can be made easier with technology. Just as we come out of all the foster care challenges of the pandemic. Our social initiative is launched in May 2021 to celebrate National Foster Care Month.

StartFosterCare Mission

Start Foster Care aims to engage foster parents and connect them with child welfare professionals through technology platforms and digital marketing strategies with the vision of supporting youth in care.


Our goal is to help US foster children find loving homes and parents. Loving foster parents who will see them through to successful biological family reunification or successful adulthood. All prospective foster parents can register and attend events for free.

We also recognize the enormous dedication of foster care professionals who are trying to make this work for the kids. We are reaching out to State Governments and agencies for supporting this social initiative and are reaching out to you. For the National Foster Care Month May 2021 there was no cost to Foster Care organizations.

The May 2021 pilot program was launched in Connecticut during National Foster Care Month.  Dr. Subroto Roy , Founder StartFosterCare.org of StratoServe LLC has extensive marketing experience working with foster care agencies and the foster parent recruitment process. The digital marketing costs for May 2021 was sponsored by StratoServe LLC.

Note that StartFosterCare.org is a a social initiative/ enterprise and a unit of StratoServe LLC. We are not a 501(c) 3 organization. Academically (since our founder Dr. Roy is a Marketing Professor) we are trying to create a social impact and contribute to the fields of social work/marketing/technology. Also see social entrepreneurship in wikipedia. If you are a US State Government or a State Foster Care Agency please apply at our US State Government and Foster Care Agency Page.

The technology platform is kindly sponsored by VisitDays Corp.

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