Thank you Dr. John- Foster Care Institute

Dr. John says Start Foster Care with Dr. Roy

It was searching for some content about the Foster Parent experience that we found Dr. John of the Foster Care Institute in Georgia. Here was a person who cared deeply about the foster care challenge in the US, was a Foster Parent and a constant advocate for improving foster care. Dr. John is a TEDx speaker, has appeared on every media channel including CNR,Fox,NPR, NBC,ABC, CBS etc.

The reason we reached out to Dr. John was that we saw this YouTube video that made us realize that here was a person who really had the experience and knowledge of the Foster Care system from within. And was a great speaker! As you can see from our blog posts, we have been studying the extensive academic research on foster care by academics in social work, psychology, sociology, psychiatry,counselling etc. These scholars have spent enormous time in zeroing in on a particular facet of foster care. Simply because that’s how the scholarly publication process works. Here was someone who was saying stuff that is lived and real and does match with what scholars have found:

We are so proud that Dr. John has put out a recommendation for us to Foster Care professionals in both US State Governments and Foster Agencies across US States. We specialize in the front end of recruiting quality prospective foster parents through technology. And its important for foster care professionals and foster parents to know that we understand their challenging but rewarding work.

Thank you Dr. John for putting out a good word!


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