North Carolina Incentives for Foster Parents, Effective February 2022

This announcement is from our partners Turning Point Family Services, North Carolina. For more details please attend upcoming virtual meetings:

  • Licensed IAFT Foster Parents will be paid $120 per day while a child is placed in your home!!
  • You will receive a $1500 Retention Bonus at 6 months when you have a child placed in your home at least 90% of the time during that 6 months
  • You will receive a $500 Sign on Bonus when you take a client within first 30 days of being licensed
  • You will also receive a Referral Bonus as follows:

If you refer a new, licensed family to TP, you will receive $1000 once they transfer their license to TP and they receive their first child

If you refer a new, Unlicensed family to TP, you will receive $500 once they complete licensure requirements, get licensed with TP and receive their first child.

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